Chocolate Glazed DonutsThis past January, the Resort played host to its first “pop-up” shop: The Hole in the Wall. Serving locally roasted coffee, hand crafted specialty coffees, fresh-pressed juice from Juice Served Daily and the star of the shop, housemade donuts, this temporary coffee and donut shop was a hit with Resort guests.

“Pop-up shops are a fun, creative way to keep the culinary offerings fresh and innovative for our Resort guests and allows us a unique opportunity to explore different themes,” explains Director of Food and Beverage Bryan Feigenbaum. “The temporary aspect of the shop also gives it an exclusive appeal. You never know what might pop-up!”Juice Served Daily

Named as the best Foodie Staycation by Phoenix Magazine in 2015, the Resort continues to push culinary boundaries in each outlet and in their unique offerings. Talavera Restaurant and Proof Canteen go through significant menu changes each season – to reflect what ingredients are fresh, local and most accessible. Proof Canteen changes their weekend buffet offerings weekly – which can range from caramel waffles with bourbon syrup to spicy southwestern chilaquiles.

Creating Shareable Moments

Privy to the growth of sharing foodie experiences on the social media sphere, the culinary team has long focused on providing incredible dishes and artful plating – perfect for those Instagrammable moments. The carefully glazed and decorated donuts from Hole in the Wall played a popular role on Instagram recently when the pop-up shop “took over” the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale profile for the day to showcase everyone’s favorite morning sweet. With award-winning restaurants and a creative culinary team, discerning foodie travelers will find their happy place at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale.

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